Why You Should Get an Extended Warranty for Your 2015 Vehicle

Congratulations! You get to start the New Year driving around in your sleek, brand-new 2015 vehicle. As you begin to get acquainted with your new ride, you are probably still in the “new baby phase” with your new car. You probably make all passengers remove their shoes before getting in, and you park at the very back of a parking lot to avoid those first dents. Although your friends may not get it, we do! In fact, we’d love to help protect your new vehicle and keep it running like new until its last mile. With an extended warranty from Warranty Direct, we’ll make sure you save the most money possible while ensuring your 2015 vehicle drives as smoothly as it did the first day you bought it.


“Why would I need an extended warranty? My factory warranty isn’t expired yet…”

Yes, this is something we hear daily, but it’s a very common misconception about extended warranties. The truth is, an extended warranty is just like any other insurance product you obtain. The better shape your vehicle is in when you purchase the coverage, the better your rate and coverage terms will be. Since Warranty Direct’s rates are closely connected to a vehicle’s age and mileage, it actually costs much less to extend the warranty on a newer vehicle in exceptional shape than it does for an older vehicle that’s fallen into disrepair. By buying today, you’ll lock in the costs of an extended warranty plan while your 2015 vehicle is at its best.

The Cost of Waiting

Maybe an extended warranty seems like a big cost right now or you believe that whatever small things may go wrong with your vehicle, it won’t cost as much as a vehicle service contract or extended auto warranty. The startling truth is, it only takes one expensive system or component to fail to make an extended warranty worth every penny. Also, the longer you wait, the higher the costs for future repairs will be. The time is already right to cover your vehicle with a Warranty Direct extended vehicle warranty plan.

What Your Factory Warranty Doesn’t Cover

The most common factory warranty is that the manufacturer will pay for the cost of all appropriate repairs and labor for up to three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. Although the manufacturer will cover the repair costs, they will not reimburse you for the roadside assistance or even the car rental if you do have an unexpected breakdown. In some cases, these services can add up to be just as much as your repair bill, if not more! Warranty Direct’s extended warranties include an array of complementary features including toll-free customer service, free roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, you choice of repair facility, and more! If you did find yourself in an unforeseen situation, it would be a relief to know that you wouldn’t be responsible for any of the costs associated.

Just like in real life, your vehicle will become older, get on the road and be more susceptible to bumps and “repair.” No matter when you stop treating your new vehicle like a baby (if ever), Warranty Direct will always treat you and your vehicle with the utmost respect and security. It truly does pay to be prepared, and you deserve to drive your 2015 vehicle with the most comprehensive coverage available.

Want to learn more about our extended warranty plans and coverage? Contact Warranty Direct today or call 877-867-3565 to learn how to protect your 2015 vehicle from uncertainty.

We want to hear from you! Do you know someone who purchased an extended warranty while their factory warranty was still valid? If so, were they ever in a situation that was solved with an extended warranty?

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