Which Car Best Fits Your Lifestyle?

If you’re in the market for a new or used vehicle, you’re probably focusing on the price, year and added features of the car. What most people don’t take into consideration right away is which car is best for their personal lifestyle. This factor is extremely crucial because car buyers need to make sure their hard-earned money goes toward a vehicle that fits their everyday needs. Essentially, your perfect car should help make your professional and personal life much more manageable. Depending on where you are in life, below are the recommended vehicles that will compliment your current lifestyle.


Expecting or Current Parents

Parents might be the most demanding when it comes to finding the right vehicle. They want an affordable vehicle that will never breakdown, has the highest safety rating and can fit everything for every stage of life their little ones will experience. If you’re currently trying to start a family or already have a liter of kids, your vehicle choice should suit your role as a parent. As you’ve probably noticed with the “ever-so-fashionable” minivan, your vehicle purchase should emphasize function over style. To ensure you own a safe vehicle with plenty of room to hold everything from strollers to hockey gear, you should consider picking up an SUV, a large family sedan or the ever-popular minivan.

Outdoor Fanatic

There are two kinds of people that fit into this category: the people who have a job that requires a lot of time spent working outside and the people that enjoy escaping into the wilderness in their spare time. Whether you thrive on the call of the wild or work in an environment with no walls, you need a vehicle that can keep up with your outdoor lifestyle. Seeing that you’ll be tearing up dirt and making new roads, an SUV or pickup truck would work best to help carry your heavy equipment and outdoor “toys” like a trailer, kayak or skis.

Single Working Professional

If you’re single, you have a lot of options when it comes to the best vehicle for your lifestyle. If you are a young, working professional that’s currently living in a more-urban area, you top concerns are probably affordability and fuel economy. Look into a hybrid coupe or a sedan, as either of them will offer superb mileage at a fair price. Plus, you’ll have a vehicle small enough to easily maneuver and make city parking manageable. If you drive a lot for your job, look into vehicles that have a long history of strong residual values.


When it’s just you and your significant other looking for a vehicle together, there are plenty of vehicles that will satisfy any couples’ needs. Depending on what you want most out of a vehicle, your range includes anything from a sports car to a hybrid economy car. Take an assessment as to how would this car fit into your lifestyle. If this is a car just for the weekends and special occasions, go all out and splurge on a cute convertible just big enough for the two of you. If you plan to use it for your daily commute, weekend grocery shopping or a night out on the town with some friends, look into a hybrid or crossover that serves more purposes than one.

Protect Your Major Investment

No matter where you are in life right now, it’s wise to protect your major investment with extended warranty coverage. Warranty Direct offers the most comprehensive coverage to protect your financial well-being in the event of a breakdown. With tons of complimentary features like 24/7 roadside assistance and car rental reimbursement, you could save thousands of dollars in repair costs and keep your peace of mind, free of charge! Get a free quote at WarrantyDirect.com today!

No matter your lifestyle, you should always research the features of any vehicle that peaks your interest, as well as determine whether it is affordable for you. With these guidelines and thorough research, you should be able to find your dream vehicle that matches your lifestyle in no time!


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