What to Do if You Have an Unexpected Breakdown

No matter the year, make or model of your vehicle, there is always a chance it could breakdown unexpectedly. You may lose power, hear a loud noise or even see smoking floating out from under the hood. No matter what causes your vehicle to breakdown, it’s important to stay calm and use your common sense to help you out to the situation. A breakdown is a scary experience for anyone, but one you should be prepared for. Follow these tips below if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation.


Have a Roadside Emergency Kit

Prepare for a breakdown and ease your stress before you get behind the wheel with a roadside emergency kit. Besides a map, cellphone, road flares, food and water, rain poncho, tool kit, flashlight and a first-aid kit, the two most important items to include are a copy of your vehicle’s warranty and contact information for an emergency car service.

What to Do if You’re On the Highway/Motorway

If you feel something strange while driving on the highway that indicated a breakdown, slow down and don’t slam on the breaks. Put your flashers and turn signal on and pull over to the closest side of the road. Make sure you can be seen and mark your car the right way. This can be done by popping the hood and insuring there’s proper lighting around your vehicle (included in your roadside emergency kit). After you call for help (police or first-responders) and give them your location, stay away from the road and get behind a barrier until help arrives.

What to Do if You’re On a Non-Busy Road

Follow the same procedures as above. More than likely, you’ll be in a safer, more pedestrian-friendly area than a highway, so stay in your vehicle with the windows cracked and doors locked until help arrives. On back country roads, you may be within walking distance to the closest town to get help close by.

Protect Your Wallet and Peace of Mind with an Extended Warranty

One of the better ways to prepare for an unexpected breakdown ahead of time is to have extended warranty coverage from Warranty Direct. You never know what exactly might go wrong with your vehicle, and it always pays to be prepared for any situation. If you experience an unexpected breakdown and have extended warranty coverage with Warranty Direct, your wallet and peace of mind will not experience the financial burden of the breakdown. No matter which plan you choose, all Warranty Direct customers will receive complimentary benefits such as free 24/7 roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, repair service at the facility of your choice, and more! Treat yourself to the extended vehicle warranty coverage you deserve and get a quote on Warranty Direct’s plans today.

Remember, unexpected breakdowns can occur with any vehicle, new or old. It’s wise to prepare for the unexpected and have a plan before it’s too late. If you have any questions about unexpected breakdowns or extended warranty coverage, contact Warranty Direct today or call (800) 632-4222.

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