Tips for Keeping Your Car Running Like New

It’s officially February, and with Valentine’s Day only weeks away, our monthly theme will be “Show Your Car Some Love” for all our February posts. Whether you have had the same special someone in your life for decades, are keeping yourself “Valentine-free” this season or don’t believe in the day or romance, anyone who owns a vehicle can show it some extra TLC this month.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New

When you purchased your vehicle, you may have made a vow to yourself that you will take care of it and make sure it gets the proper maintenance it needs when it needs it. Sadly, the phrase, “some things are easier said than done” has never been more true than when it comes to vehicle maintenance. There’s one fact that all car owners can agree upon: routine maintenance is challenging to keep up with. What most people don’t realize is that it doesn’t have to be a struggle to keep your car running like it did the day you drove it off the lot. Follow these easy, fool-proof tips to keep your beautiful ride from turning into an ugly clunker.

Review the Owner’s Manual

The owner’s manual is your vehicle’s survival guide. Any information you need or questions you have about your vehicle can be directed back to this accessible book, conveniently located in your glove compartment. Take the time to review the manual when you first purchase your vehicle or at least once a year as a refresher. If you find yourself stranded with a flat tire or see a red flashing light suddenly appear on your dashboard, you’ll be glad you took the time to educate yourself about your car.

Constantly Check the Tire Pressure

There’s a reason why there are tire pumps and gauges available at most gas stations; it’s crucial to have the proper tire pressure for your safety! Check the pressure everyday if possible, but at the bare minimum once a week. Before checking, make sure you haven’t driven the vehicle for more than 1.2 miles to ensure the tires haven’t expanded from heat, so you will have the most accurate reading.

Get Your Vehicle’s Hoses Inspected Regularly

A very common cause of unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs are old or worn out hoses. Hoses are the cooling system’s weakest structural component and often develop tiny cracks and pinholes, which leads them to failing. Thus, you should have them checked every time you get an oil change, or about once every 3,000 miles.

Respect the Dashboard

This might be the most important tip on the list, since it’s the simplest way you can save money in the long run and keep your vehicle running like new. Each warning light serves as a message for the driver to know if something is abnormal with their vehicle. If you ignore the dashboard’s warning lights, you could be facing an unexpected breakdown and/or expensive repair bill. Some lights imply your vehicle needs immediate attention, while others can be taken care of within a few days. Read up on your owner’s manual and educate yourself about each light’s purpose.

Protect Your Vehicle from the Unexpected with an Extended Warranty

No matter when you perform maintenance on your vehicle, there’s always that chance it might experience an unexpected breakdown. These breakdowns are very costly and more likely to happen once the factory warranty has expired. Protect your vehicle, wallet and overall peace of mind with an extended warranty from Warranty Direct. Every extended warranty plan comes with complimentary features such as roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, your choice of repair facility, and more!

Your vehicle has always been there for you whenever you needed it, and it’s time to ensure it will be there for you in the future. After the countless trips to the grocery store and that 800-mile road trip to visit your best friend from high school, shouldn’t you show it the appreciation and care it deserves? Follow these simple tips to ensure your vehicle gets its chance to live up to its full potential while saving you money in the long run on major repairs. To learn more safety tips or get more information about extended warranties, contact us today!

What other easy ways can you take to ensure your vehicle will run like new longer? Do you have any secrets to saving money on future vehicle repairs?

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