The Scary Trend of Future Car Repairs

Here are three words that can send shivers down anyone’s spine: Costly Car Repairs.

Nobody likes spending money on boring and expensive things like car repairs, and unfortunately repair costs have only increased over time. It used to be that you could get a major car component replaced or fixed for under $200, but if something like your GPS or OnStar system crashes today, it can cost hundreds just to try and solve the problem. What has contributed to this increase in repair costs? What are some ways to combat it? Keep reading to get the facts about the scary trend of future car repairs.

The Scary Trend of Future Car Repairs

Increased Costs

The good news about having a car in today’s economy is that the manufacturers are making more durable, sturdy and long-lasting car parts. The average amount of time people stick with one car is increasing at a rapid pace due to how long they can operate efficiently. However, there is a downside to this. Holding on to a car also means as the car gets older, trips to the repair shops will become more frequent. Also, because manufacturers are making stronger and more advanced parts, the cost to have them replaced or fixed has increased. The parts were made to last many years so if they don’t, the maintenance required can add up quickly.

Another thing that contributes to higher repair costs is the technology cars are now standardly equipped with. Most cars manufactured today come standard with a back-up camera, Bluetooth stereos and many other technologically advanced features. Problems relating to technology have a definite impact on high repair costs.

What You Can Do

Although you may cringe when your check engine light comes on, or your car gives you any other signal that something may be awry, always go in to a repair shop just in case. Risking your safety is never worth saving some money.  However, if you do want to save money on repair costs, consider getting an extended warranty. There are a lot of false myths about auto warranties, but one thing is true: they can save you hundreds of dollars in repair bills. At Warranty Direct, we want to take the stress of these car costs off your hands. We offer 24/7 roadside assistance, free rental cars while yours is in the shop and several more customer friendly features. Get a free quote today and start your journey to saving.

The trend of expensive car repairs seems to only be increasing in today’s society. The frequency of repair shop visits may be declining, but the overall amount of money spent during each visit in increasing. Be alert and knowledgeable about your car so you can recognize the signs of potential trouble. To be even safer, consider getting extended warranty coverage with Warranty Direct that can save you hundred of dollars.

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