The Best Apps for Frequent Drivers

Being on the road a lot has its hassles. You’re in a foreign place, you don’t know where anything is, and you may find the drive boring at times. If you’re a frequent driver looking to improve your never-ending commutes or business trips, there are countless apps for phones that can help you out. Whether you need to find some coffee, locate the cheapest gas station or switch up your tunes, there’s an app for that! Check out our recommended list of the best apps for frequent drivers.

The Best Apps for Frequent Drivers


More often than not, frequent drivers are most concerned about their consumption of gas and its price. GasBuddy is a free app that can help you save gas money while giving you the chance to earn money simultaneously. This user-updated app helps you find the cheapest gas near your location. People earn points for reporting gas prices, which can then be redeemed to win prize giveaways. Also, GasBuddy gives away $100 in gas every day to a lucky user of the app. Do you want a quick way to find cheap gas and the opportunity to win money every day? If so, downloading this is a no-brainer.


Waze is an all-in-one road and navigation app that provides all the information you could ever need during a drive. From navigation and real-time traffic updates to speed traps and gas prices near you, they virtually have all the tools to help shave time off your commute and save you from tickets or high gas prices. It informs you of road closures and your ETA, but takes it a step even further and gives you the ability to send or receive the ETAs of people going to the same location. This free app is battery-conscious, too. We all know navigation can quickly drain your battery, but Waze automatically shuts down if you haven’t used it in a while to prevent battery usage. Your search for the best navigation app (and possibly the best app ever) ends here.

Along the Way

This app is the only one on this list that isn’t free, but it does provide loads of helpful information. Along the Way is a $2.99 app that takes your route into account and pinpoints gas stations, restaurants, shops and landmarks you’ll pass by. You can also manually search to find places like the nearest place to grab coffee or the nearest park for a relaxing stroll. Using its tools in an unfamiliar city can help the explorer in you discover new places. Along the Way is the ultimate cure for work trip and road trip boredom.

Hotel Tonight

Do you ever end up having a last minute trip and can’t find a hotel room for less than $200? If so, then download Hotel Tonight. This app is completely free and saves you tons of money on last-minute hotels. They have contracts with hotels in all locations so you can get late night rooms for great deals. You can even make sure you find a hotel fit for you by choosing styles like Basic, Hip or Luxe. They also report the weather to help you be prepared when you arrive at your destination and offer 24/7 customer support to help you in any way they can. Hotel Tonight goes above and beyond to help you score great last-minute rooms all over the world.


The radio plays the same songs, Pandora has limited skips, and the songs on your phone become boring after hearing 37 times in 2 weeks. If this describes your situation, then consider downloading Songza, a free app you can access from your phone or computer. This app lets you choose what type of music you want to listen to based on an artist, genre, mood or activity. The endless list of stations for activities like Driving, Family Time and Having Friends Over will surely have one that fits your life perfectly.

Driving and commuting don’t have to be boring, static tasks. Shake things up a bit by downloading these apps and discovering new sights, shops, music and more. Dodge road blocks and construction to reduce time spent in traffic and find the cheapest gas around you to save a few bucks. These innovative apps all help improve your life, so take advantage of them.

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