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It’s Not Me, It’s You: The Car Break Up

Breaking Up with Your Car

Everyone has to go through a break up at one point in life; a car break up that is. Vehicles get worn down after years of extensive use, so selling and getting an up-to-date vehicle is inevitably going to happen.

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How to Test Drive a Car Like a Pro

test driving

Don’t get this title confused with “How to Drive Like a Pro.” We aren’t showing you how easy it is to become a racecar driver; we’re showing you how to determine whether a potential vehicle is right for your lifestyle

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Why You Should Get an Extended Warranty for Your 2015 Vehicle

Congratulations! You get to start the New Year driving around in your sleek, brand-new 2015 vehicle. As you begin to get acquainted with your new ride, you are probably still in the “new baby phase” with your new car. You

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