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29 Reasons to Protect Your Vehicle This Leap Year with Warranty Direct

Once every 4 years, Leap Year comes along and gives us an extra day in the year. To celebrate this extended year, we wanted to show you 29 reasons why you should protect your vehicle from unexpected repair bills with extended

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Get to Know Warranty Direct’s Advantage Plans

warranty direct advantage plans

At Warranty Direct, we go above and beyond to deliver the best extended warranty experience possible to our policy holders. That’s why we’ve updated our plans with our customers in mind and are excited to announce our new Advantage extended warranty plans! Our

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The Wait is Over: Our New Coverage Plans are Here!

warranty direct advantage plans

Great news! Warranty Direct has been listening to our customer’s feedback and we are finally able to deliver expanded services to more people and on more vehicles. Effective today, our old coverage will be replaced with the new and improved Advantage coverage plans

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Why You Should Get an Extended Warranty on Your Car

Purchase Extended Warranty Coverage

At Warranty Direct, we’ve been in the auto warranty business for more than 30 years. We know that above all else, treating our customers with the respect they deserve is the key to any successful business. Extended warranties are often

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Trading In vs. Selling Your Car

When it comes to getting rid of your current vehicle, the two main options are trading it in or selling it. There are pros and cons to both options, but every circumstance is unique and should be dealt with in

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What to Do if You Have an Unexpected Breakdown


No matter the year, make or model of your vehicle, there is always a chance it could breakdown unexpectedly. You may lose power, hear a loud noise or even see smoking floating out from under the hood. No matter what

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