Safety Tips for Summer Traveling

With school out and graduations finally over, you’ve finally had your chance to soak up the summer heat. Whether you plan to hit the road for vacation or taking the usual commute to work, the waves of heat bouncing off the asphalt are something no one wants to be stranded in. With some preparation before you get on the road, you can ensure that you and your vehicle can avoid being stuck on the side of the road, a big repair bill and a ruined vacation or late day to work. Discover these safety tips below to protect your summer traveling and ensure you arrive safely to your destination.


Before You Hit the Road: Prepare Your Vehicle

Although regular maintenance like oil changes, battery checks and tire rotations are always necessary, they do go a long way toward preventing breakdowns in the summer. Check the tire inflation pressure when your tires are cool (or when they haven’t been driven on for three or more hours), and remember to check your spare. Inspect your coolant level and make sure the reservoir is full. Like the coolant, if it’s time or nearly time to have an oil change, take care of it before you hit the road. In addition, check the fluid levels in your brake, automatic transmission/ clutch, power steering and windshield washer fluid. Most importantly for summer travel, make sure your conditioning is in good condition. When you drive a vehicle that’s well maintained, your peace of mind is where it should be for summer traveling.

Pack an Emergency Roadside Kit

Prepare for a breakdown and ease your stress before you get behind the wheel with a roadside emergency kit. Besides a map, cellphone, road flares, food and water, rain poncho, tool kit, flashlight and a first-aid kit, the two most important items to include are a copy of your vehicle’s warranty and contact information for an emergency car service.

Traveling with Kids

If you will be traveling with children this summer, be sure to take their safety into consideration before hitting the road. Make sure the kids’ car and booster seats are installed correctly, and remember all children 13 and below should ride in the back seat of the car. Never leave children alone in the car, even if it’s only a few minutes or with the engine and A/C running. A child’s body temperature rises up to 5 times faster than an adult, and if the temperature is in the low 80s, the temperature inside the vehicle can heat up to deadly levels within minutes. Also, if you are traveling to a faraway distance by car, be sure all the kids’ toys are within their arm’s reach; not yours! This will help eliminate distractions and keep your attention on the road.

Best On-the-Road Games to Play

Despite in-car entertainment like DVD players, not everyone’s vehicle can offer the convenience of minions or Disney as a babysitter for the next 200 miles. There are many fun games that don’t require any tools besides a window view of the road. Classic favorites like I Spy, 20 Questions and License Plates will keep the whole family entertained. Another fun idea would be to get the creative juices flowing and compose a group story. Once person starts by creating the opening line of the story and one by one all the passengers take turns creating one sentence. This game could go on for minutes or even hours. Make the game more challenging by making every sentence rhyme and have your kids illustrate the story to keep as a road trip souvenir!

Prepare with Extended Warranty Coverage

If your vehicle was to experience an unexpected breakdown during your summer travels, you would have to deal with the financial burden of the situation. Protect yourself with extended warranty coverage from Warranty Direct. You never know what exactly might go wrong with a vehicle, and it always pays to be prepared for any situation. All Warranty Direct plans include extensive nationwide coverage, exceptional service, and a number of complimentary features designed to add maximum value to your Warranty Direct vehicle service contract.

Dare to be adventurous this summer and travel around with extended warranty peace of mind! Can you think of any other tips to include in your summer travel check list?


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