Safe Driving Tips for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season: Part 1

We all know that the most crowded time on the roads is during the holiday season. Families go see their other relatives, couples take vacations, and college kids travel home for the long weekend. Whatever the occasion, it’s a busy time for everyone on and off the roads. Be sure to prepare yourself for what lies ahead by practicing safe driving. Below are some driving tips to make sure you are personally prepared for traveling these next few months.

Safe Driving Tips for Thanksgiving and the Holiday Season

Plan for the Weather

If you’ve ever taken a road trip before, you know the importance of planning ahead for the weather. Pay close attention to the weather conditions for your journey by listening to the weather radar a few days leading up to your trip. Pack warm clothes and blankets if you’re headed somewhere cold. If you’re heading somewhere warm, pack light clothes and a small, battery-powered fan. While on the road, find a radio station that reports weather updates. If you’re traveling with a passenger, have he or she look up weather information on their smartphone so you can be aware if there’s a sudden detour you should take to avoid hazardous conditions.

Steer Clear of Sickness

Being sick in general is a hassle, but being sick while on the road is a bad situation for everyone you’re in contact with. Being in an enclosed space with others for an extended amount of time increases their chance of catching your illness. Get flu shots, drink lots of fluids and take medicine if you feel remotely sick on the days leading up to a long trip in the car. It will be worth the precautionary measure if you can get back to full health before you are stuck in a car with others for long periods of time.

Be Patient

The holiday season is arguably one of the busiest times to be on the road. Nearly everyone travels at least one time during the tail end of the year, so traffic is bound to be jammed every once in a while. It is best to stay as calm as possible in these circumstances. Everyone is in the same situation you are in and wants to get to their locations as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sympathize with other drivers, don’t blast your horn, let people in when there is a road merge, and try to stay as patient as possible.

Take Breaks Often 

On these seemingly endless trips to visit family or take a vacation, keeping your sanity is crucial. Take breaks every couple of hours, either by taking a short walk or getting something to eat. You need to have energy so that you are alert on the roads and aren’t tempted to fall asleep. Stop by a rest area or restaurant to get your legs moving and to get reenergized to finish your journey strong!

Make a Backup Plan

Trips aren’t always smooth sailing and go according to plan. This is why it’s important to have a backup plan. Make sure you know multiple routes to get to your destination just in case one has roadblocks, construction or an accident. Go over your safety plan a few times with your passengers so they are well informed of what will happen in any of these cases.

Want to learn more ways to keep your cool on the road during the winter holiday season? Stay tuned for five more tips on safe winter driving!

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