Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

Halloween is a day full of candy galore, fun costumes, jack-o-lanterns and trick-or-treating. With kids running into the streets without a care in the world, it is extremely important to understand the necessary safety precautions to take during this festive night. It is up to you as a parent, driver or guardian to ensure everyone’s safety as much as possible. There are countless things to keep an eye out for on this spooky night, but here are some of the most important safety tips for Halloween.

Safe Driving Tips for Halloween

Be Aware

The main way to prevent accidents and/or dangerous situations while driving on Halloween night is to be aware and cautious of your surroundings. Always look to see if there are kids walking along either side of the street you’re on and anticipate their next move. Kids tend to dart across the street to get to the next house as quickly as possible, so it’s imperative to know their location  and keep them out of your car’s path. Also, take note of stopped vehicles on the road. It is likely they are parents dropping off children, so do not pass them. It is likely kids will run out of both sides of the car, so it is best to avoid passing the vehicle and wait for it to start moving.


Communication with other drivers can also increase trick-or-treater’s safety. Be sure to always have your vehicle’s lights on  and let other drivers know when they don’t have theirs on. Use signals so people know where you are going and your hazards if you need to make a stop. Flash your lights or gently honk your horn to warn other drivers if there is a child heading into their path. Never try to use your phone while driving on this night. There are too many lives at risk to be distracted by texting or calling someone.


Drivers can take several precautions to be safe on this spirited night, but children need to know how to be safe too. Talk to your kids about staying off the street as much as possible and staying on the sidewalk. Reiterate the rule to look both ways before crossing the street and give them flashlights to help them see where they’re going and to help other drivers see them. Also, tell them to stay in groups if you aren’t accompanying them and to only trick-or-treat in well-lit areas.

General Rules

All drivers know to drive slowly in neighborhoods, especially during Halloween night. Be extremely cautious and drive at a slow pace so you can stop suddenly if you need to. If you’re the festive type and like to dress up for the holiday, take off any part of your costume that could reduce visibility while driving like masks, glasses and hats. Your speed, visibility and ability to see the road will increase the safety of everyone around you.

Halloween night is an exciting, wacky holiday where everyone can have fun and express themselves. While everyone might be searching for a scare that evening, don’t let your driving be the cause! Always be alert, communicate with others, educate your children on how to be safe and follow the general tips for driving safely. Be safe, and have a happy Halloween!

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