Roadworthy New Features in 2016 Cars

Throughout the last few months of 2015, hundreds of  new car models were released and more will become available for the public to purchase. Whether you are genuinely looking for a new car or simply like to browse, you won’t be disappointed with the collection of cars you find. Many of these cars have unique features that give them a competitive edge when compared to their rivals. Such features include backup rearview cameras, improved fuel economy, parking sensors, and more. Read below to discover what the next year will look like in the automobile business.

Roadworthy New Features in 2016 Cars


A mandatory law that all automakers have to abide by begins in 2016. All cars made in 2016 or later have to have a rearview-camera system installed. It is estimated that over 200 people are killed and 15,000 injured in back-over incidents every year in the United States, and this new installation in cars will hopefully decrease these numbers. Along with the rearview cameras, many cars have forward collision warning and braking systems installed. These features help prevent collisions and accidents by internally sensing when your vehicle is too close to another and automatically brakes. Another safety feature in many cars is inflatable seat belts that act as an airbag in case of an accident. The new Honda Accord has a safety feature that signals if you are starting to swerve from your lane and corrects it for you. These features, along with many more, will make the roads safer for everyone.


The technology in our world today is insanely advanced and making its impact on the automobile world. Many features will likely be a standard in 2016 models and on. Features like keyless starts and touch screens in consoles for GPS and music will start becoming more common in cars. However, there are many capabilities that may be firsts for many car owners. Some cars come with docks for phones that wirelessly charge phones and have Bluetooth sync with your phone automatically. A few 2016 Audi models have a “heads up” display where dashboard information is projected on the lower left corner of your windshield. The Toyota Camry model will have voice-activated features when you want to listen to something specific, get directions, and so much more. The cars we own are getting increasingly smarter and able to cater to whatever our needs are.

Other Features

In all 2016 models, the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) gas mileage standards will increase. Cars today have to have an average of around 27 miles per gallon, which is how it has been since 1990. However, starting in 2016, the average fuel economy for cars must improve to about 35 mpg. Trucks have a standard of 23 mpg, which now has to increase to approximately 29 mpg. Due to the better mileage cars will be getting, it is predicted that their prices will increase.

The year 2016 is gearing up to be an exciting year with these new car features that are becoming available. The technological capabilities in our world are improving every day, security features are becoming more prominent, and the overall quality of cars has increased. One thing you can do to increase the safety and value of your car is get warranty coverage. With Warranty Direct you will get 24/7 roadside assistance, a free rental car, car service at the shop of your choice, and much more customer-friendly features. Get a free quote today and start your 2016 journeys to peace of mind.

We want to hear from you? Have you heard of any other new features coming in 2016 models? What are you most excited about?

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