Product Spotlight: Car Repair Guide

When you start researching a new or used vehicle purchase, there are a lot of factors that come into play to ensure you’re buying the right car for your lifestyle. Regardless of the brand, model and overall safety rating, every vehicle on the market will need regular maintenance. If you’re comparing two vehicles that have similar features and ratings, a deciding factor could be how much expected maintenance will cost over the lifetime of the vehicle. If people don’t properly budget their prospective vehicle’s maintenance, they could end up spending more than double their overall vehicle budget. Warranty Direct has seen the need for this kind of consumer information, which is why we’ve created the Car Repair Guide.

Warranty Direct’s Car Repair Guide is a free, online tool that will help you determine what kind of new or used car works best for your budget, based on average repair costs and major component reliability. This customized solution will give consumers a tool to check out the cars they’re interested in and compare their overall reliability and repair costs, while also receiving an estimated quote for extended warranty coverage.

Let’s look at an example of how this resource is beneficial for any car buyer or owner. Say your family is interested in a slightly-used SUV. You’ve narrowed your options down to two vehicles and believe that a 2012 Ford Explorer or a 2013 Dodge Journey SE would be perfect for your family’s on-the-go lifestyle. By using the Car Repair Guide, just enter your zip code (to determine local reliability rates) and select the year, make, model and estimated mileage for each vehicle. The Car Repair Guide will then calculate the estimated repair costs based on the overall reliability of the vehicle’s most probable failures.

The Car Repair Guide results page will look something like this:


Using a “wrench scale,” you will be able to see the quality of each component listed, with one wrench being poor to five wrenches being excellent. The webpage will also include a brief paragraph about the vehicle model history and an estimated quote for extended warranty coverage.

According the Car Repair Guide for the example above, the better choice between the Ford and Dodge SUVs would be the Ford Explorer. With an overall performance rating of “4 wrenches,” the Explorer’s electrical and rear suspension components are much more reliable than its contender.

Once you have made your vehicle purchase, you can come back to and purchase extended warranty coverage for the rate you locked in with the Car Repair Guide. It’s just another way Warranty Direct goes the extra mile for you! Take advantage of our Car Repair Guide for your current or future vehicle and see how reliable your dream car or current family vehicle is for your budget!

For more information about the Car Repair Guide and extended warranty coverage, contact us today or call (800) 632-4222.

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