Preparing for Summer Traveling

It’s officially summer time, which means it’s time for vacations to the beach and driving around with the windows down. Summer is a season full of sunshine and relaxation, but don’t overlook your vehicle’s needs during this time. Wherever you travel during these next few months, you need to ensure your car is working properly and is prepared for anything on the journey ahead. Follow these simple tips and your vacations will be smooth sailing!

Get Your Car Checked
As you prepare to go on vacation, the rule of thumb is to take your car to your local car shop to get it checked on. Make sure the fluids, tires, and mechanical functions of your car are working properly. This is a good tip to follow during any time of the year, but for summer it is important so that you can avoid an overheated engine or blown out tire. The last thing you would want to do is be stranded in the heat and delay the fun of your planned trip!

Pack an Emergency Kit
An emergency kit for the summer may be less common than an emergency kit for the winter, but it is just as important. Pack a bag that has a full first aid kit, jumper cables, tire sealant, tool kit, flashlight, rags, gloves, nonperishable snacks, water bottles, and sunscreen or a hat. You will be prepared for any type of situation your car may throw at you, whether it’s a breakdown, a flat tire, or another type of emergency. Knowing that you have what you need for any situation will give you the peace of mind you deserve while vacationing.

Plan the Route
Traveling to new destinations, something people do often during the summer, means going into new territory you don’t know how to navigate. This is why it is crucial to look at the best route ahead of time and knowing what roads to turn on when. Everyone has a GPS in today’s time, but there’s no telling when it could have a glitch or stop working. Look on a map and discover the best route and an alternate route before leaving, just in case there is an unexpected roadblock or detour.

Extended Warranty Coverage
For ultimate protection against the unexpected this summer season, get extended warranty coverage for your vehicle with Warranty Direct. You shouldn’t have to worry about high repair bills or sudden breakdowns this summer, so let us handle everything while you enjoy the sun. Get a free quote to start protecting your vehicle today.

Summer should be a relaxing, fun time spent with family and friends. Don’t let car problems get in the way! Let Warranty Direct help and you can coast through this hot season with no stress whatsoever.

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