Prepare Your Vehicle for Severe Weather

March is the month known for its unpredictable weather. There always seems to be a chance for thunderstorms, floods, heavy rains and tornadoes wherever you are in the United States. This is why it’s vital for your safety that you and your vehicle are prepared for any severe weather situation that you may encounter this spring. Ensuring your vehicle is well-equipped to take on any type of weather is a must for your safety and peace of mind. Follow our safety checklist below and you will be ready for any unpredictable weather thrown your way.

 Prepare Your Vehicle for Severe Weather

Check Your Tires

No matter the season, you should always be checking  your tires’ tread to make sure they’re not too worn down and possibly causing damage to your car. Conduct the penny test, which is fitting a penny into a tread to see if it’s too low and respond accordingly. You don’t want to be caught in severe weather with worn-down tires that have little traction. If you want to be more prepared or live in a very stormy and rainy area, we suggest looking into tires made specifically for wet weather. Nearly every tire manufacturer has rain-specific tires for sale, and they truly do have an impact on your car’s capabilities when in the rain. Make sure you have appropriate, functioning tires before heading into this rainy season.

Check Your Lights

Lights are critical during every season of the year, especially when it comes to severe weather. Not only will you have improved vision of what lies ahead, but it helps increase your vehicle’s visibility. When you fail to turn on your lights or have a headlight/ taillight out when driving in a storm, your chances of crashing increase exponentially. Check that all of your lights are fully working, including headlights, taillights, brights and internal lights on your dashboard.

Check Your Battery

There are many testing methods you can perform at home to check your car battery, but the safest is to take it in to your trusted mechanic. If you’ve tested your battery yourself in the past with a multimeter or other device, you should be okay to test it on your own. For anyone else who is unsure of their battery-checking skills or has never done it, having a professional take a look is the way to go. The last thing you want during a drive in a storm is for your battery to give out and leave you stranded in the rain. Check your battery before the storms hit to ensure your safety and preparation for any situation.

Check Your Wiper Blades

Perhaps the most essential “accessory” of your car for severe weather is your wiper blades. We’ve all had poor wiper blade experiences  and recognize how much they can hinder your sight. Before the rainy season comes, go to your local auto parts store to buy brand-new, high-quality wiper blades. All drivers need to have powerful, effective wipers in order to protect themselves and others from danger. Always remember that when rain gets extreme or dangerous, it is safer to pull over and wait it out. If you must keep going, drive slowly and be hyper vigilant about your surroundings.

Being prepare for unexpected weather is important, but protecting yourself from unexpected breakdowns is just as important. It literally pays to be prepared this stormy season when you get extended warranty coverage with Warranty Direct. With all of our comprehensive plans, your vehicle will be protected from even the most unexpected situations. You and your vehicle’s safety is our number one priority, so make sure you get a free quote from us today. Start your journey this rainy season with the peace of mind knowing Warranty Direct has your back.

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