New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

This month, our blog has focused on keeping your car looking sharp and how to become a better driver this year. What we haven’t covered is what type of resolutions you should set for your car all year long. There are many things you can do to improve your vehicle’s efficiency and sustainability, like keeping up with maintenance schedules and paying attention to differences in the way your car operates. Keep these rules in mind and both you and your vehicle will have a productive and great start to 2016!

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Keep Up with Maintenance

For the purpose of this resolution, the word “maintenance” has two meanings. The first meaning of the word is in regards to the routine maintenance that should be performed on your car. This includes taking it in for service appointments, keeping fluids topped off and taking care of your tires. These tasks are a must if you want your car to operate as smooth and as long as possible. The other meaning of “maintenance” is referring to keeping it clean. By performing a deep clean on your car in the beginning of the year, it will likely motivate you to keep up with it all through the year! A maintained car is a happy car, so keep vehicle maintenance a priority this new year.

Be Proactive

Another thing you can do to improve your car is to pay attention when something unusual happens. Listen for different noises, be aware of abnormal smells, and look for physical irregularities. Be aware and alert of what your senses detect in your car because they can be an indicator of trouble ahead. These differences are often due to a technical failure that can be fixed by any auto shop. The trick is to catch on before it becomes a bigger problem! Being proactive and catching these differences can save you money, stress and a load of car problems you don’t need.

Get an Extended Warranty

The most protection you can offer your car this New Year is the protection of extended warranty coverage. If you experience an unexpected breakdown, an extended warranty can help save you from having to spend hundreds or thousands in repair bills. At Warranty Direct, we offer free 24/7 roadside assistance, car rental reimbursement, repair service at whatever location you choose, and more! Protect your wallet and peace of mind in 2016, and get a free quote from Warranty Direct today.

It pays to be prepared. Take some time to set resolutions for your vehicle. By keeping up with maintenance, being proactive when you notice differences, and choosing extended warranty coverage, you can save yourself a lot of repair finances and stress. By setting these goals for your vehicle, you can make 2016 a safe, repair-free year for your car!

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