New Year’s Resolution: Save Money on Car Repairs

New Year resolutions vary from shrinking our waists to expanding our skillsets. No matter what your resolution is, everyone could always learn new ways to save money when possible. With our vehicles being one of our most valued assets and repairs costing as much as $8,000 for one fix, any break from expensive car repair bills is a dream come true to anyone. While an extended warranty can help you protect both your money and peace of mind, we at Warranty Direct want to help our customers save as much money as possible, as soon as possible. That’s why when you purchase an extended warranty policy from us, you’ll automatically be a part of the exclusive Fee Free payment plan, the easiest and quickest way to save money on car repairs!

New Year’s Resolution: Save Money on Car Repairs

What is the Fee Free Payment Plan?

Warranty Direct’s Fee Free payment plan makes our extended warranty plans more affordable to our customers. Essentially, the customer has the ability to spread out the cost of their contract over a period of time with a minimum first payment of 5.25% of their total premium, which is one of the lowest down payments available on the market. Each payment term can made over half the life of the contract. For example, a 12-month contract can be paid over six months, a 24-month contract can be paid over 12 months, and so on.

So, how does the Fee Free payment plan help you save money on car repairs? The answer is in the plan’s name; we charge no fees to customers who choose this payment option. For those people who are building an extended warranty fund now, you can stop saving and start driving with extended warranty protection sooner. If you’re currently charging your car repair expenses to a high-interest credit card to pay off later, you can now save your hard-earned money and avoid paying any interest!

Real-Life Example

Here is an example of how the Fee Free payment plan can save you hundreds of dollars, even if you never have to use the coverage:

John just purchased a used 2011 vehicle from a local dealership. While in the F&I office, he learns more about extended warranty policies and decides to roll the extended warranty into his car loan. Little did he know he wasn’t getting a 0% interest deal and ended up paying interest on his extended warranty, since it increases the overall price of his car. Even with today’s low interest rates, John will end up paying $200-400 extra for his extended warranty over the lifetime of his car loan. Even if his vehicle never experiences an unexpected breakdown, he’s still paying hundreds of dollars for the same protection Warranty Direct offers. If he just done his research and found Warranty Direct, that $200-400 would still be in his wallet.

The perfect New Year’s resolutions are not just ones that you keep all year long; they’re ones that are effortless to keep all year long and beyond! Let Warranty Direct help you save money on your major asset this year with our extended warranty plans and exclusive Fee Free payment plan! Visit today for a free quote and learn more about our coverage options and free complimentary benefits to add even more value to your coverage. Let Warranty Direct help you ring the New Year with savings, security and peace of mind!

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