Last-Minute Gifts for Car Lovers

Everyone has a friend or relative that loves cars more than life itself. They’re the type of people that obsess over their car’s appearance, love going to car shows or museums, and can talk about all things cars for hours. This holiday season, get the car lover in your life something they will be able to cherish forever. Whether you’re looking for a cheap or expensive gift, a gift for the frequent driver or for the techie, you’ll be able to put a smile on their face with one of these gift ideas.

Last-Minute Gifts for Car Lovers


If you are looking for an inexpensive, car-inspired gift, your search can end here. Consider getting your car enthusiast friend a t-shirt with their favorite car featured on it or that deals with cars in general. You can also get them a car Christmas tree ornament. Both of these gifts will be able to be used more than just a few times, and they show you care about their interest in cars.


Since the car lover in your life is most likely a male, there are tons of higher-end gift ideas to get them this holiday season. A prominent product that can be found on many websites is speedometer cuff links. This thoughtful gift is subtle but will mean so much to anyone who has a passion for all things automobiles. Another high-end gift idea is a sports car watch. These can also be found online and are a flashier gift alternative to the cuff links.

Frequent Driver

In every family or friend group, there’s always one person that spends an enormous amount of time in their car, whether they like it or not. Consider making their long car rides more enjoyable by purchasing a great car-related gift for them this year. Dr. Scholls produces a car massager and heated seat cushion that relaxes the muscles to make the driver more comfortable. What a perfect gift for a frequent driver! Other gifts that may be of high value to them would be a smartphone holder that attaches to air vents or a wireless charging dock. It is likely that being on the road so much means high phone usage, so buy them something that isn’t only unique but also useful.


For the person in your life that shares a love for both technology and cars, there are a plethora of gifts you can buy them. For starters, if they are in to computers get them a car-shaped mouse. Look online for specific models of cars in mouse form, perhaps their favorite model of car. For the more video game-centric people, Gran Turismo 6 is a newly released video game that features luxury cars to race. For a gamer that loves cars, this is the holy grail of gifts. Finally, if you’re looking for something to give your techie that would be used in their car, get them a heads up display that projects navigation maps and other driving information onto the windshield of the car. It’s unique, fun and such advanced technology that no one can deny it’s ingenuity.

As you are able to tell, there is an abundant amount of car-inspired gift you can get for the car enthusiast in your life for the holidays. No matter your budget or the car lover’s taste, you can’t go wrong with any of these options as a gift. By being thoughtful and considering the other person’s interests, your gift to them will be meaningful and unforgettable.

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