Keep Your New Year’s Resolution of Safety and Savings

It’s officially a new year, which means everyone has big plans to make this year better than 2014. From cutting out sweets to learning a new language, you are more than likely on a mission to keep your resolution and make 2015 YOUR year. Unfortunately, studies and statistics show the average person will give up on their resolution after only two weeks. Even worse, only 8% of the United States will keep their resolution until the end of 2015! Luckily, Warranty Direct has the products and services to help keep your resolution of saving money while making 2015 your safest year on the road.

New Year 2015

Why Do You Need an Extended Warranty?

Whether you just purchased a 2015 vehicle with an unexpired manufacturer warranty or have been driving the same vehicle since 1999, anyone can benefit from having an extended warranty (also known as a vehicle service contract). After the vehicle manufacturers warranty expires, you are solely responsible for any breakdowns or malfunctions your vehicle encounters, and there is a greater risk of that happening after the warranty expiration. Did you know that the average transmission replacement is between $800-1,500? Can you afford these out-of-pocket costs? With an extended warranty on your side from Warranty Direct, your wallet and vehicle are protected from the unexpected.

The Free Benefits of Extended Warranties

Along with coverage of unexpected breakdowns, extended warranties also include free added features that most manufacturer warranties do not. All of Warranty Direct’s comprehensive plans include free roadside assistance (towing, locked out, mechanical first aid, emergency tire service, battery boost, etc.), vehicle rental reimbursement, toll-free customer service, and more. These complimentary features will certainly come in handy for any unexpected situations and add a tremendous value to your vehicle.

Is Your Used Vehicle Heading for a Breakdown in 2015?

Did you recently purchase a used vehicle or have you been driving the same vehicle for a while? Certain parts of your vehicle aren’t built to last forever. In fact, most are designed to fail after 100,000 miles. Next time you drive your vehicle, take note of the way your vehicle is driving or any strange noises it makes when you accelerate or break. If you do notice something unusual, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic, but then you’re responsible for any needed repairs. These strange noises or movements might be warning signs to a bigger problem, and if these signs eventually lead to breakdown, an extended warranty is designed to offer peace of mind and cover the costs for those situations. Believe us, it’s better to prepare now for the unexpected instead of wishing you did after it happens.

Do Not Wait!

If you want to take the first step toward making 2015 your safest and most economical year ever, then don’t wait to get an extended warranty! If your manufacturer warranty is still valid, your extended warranty rates will be lower now instead of waiting until it expires, since rates are more closely connected to a vehicle’s age and mileage. Extended warranties may seem like a big cost now, but it only takes one expensive system or component failure to make an extended warranty worth every penny. With auto labor rates rising $15-20 an hour and vehicles becoming more complex, you could be forced into taking money out of your savings just to cover one incident.

Along with making 2015 safer and more cost-effective, Warranty Direct will make your year an enjoyable one on the road. You don’t have to spend 2015 worrying if your vehicle will breakdown or where the money will come from when it does. Extended warranties will instantly bring you the peace of mind you deserve so you can enjoy the road ahead. It truly does pay to be prepared; get your free quote now or call us at (800) 632-4222. Many people will find temptation to eat a cupcake while keeping their healthy resolution, but rest assured you’ll be keeping yours until the end of 2015 and beyond!

Tell us, what other ways will you make 2015 your safest and most economical year yet?


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