January: The Month of Resolutions

As we ring in 2016, New Year resolutions are being made to improve the upcoming year and make it even better than the last. At Warranty Direct, our biggest resolution is to help you achieve safe driving practices by offering you invaluable car-related information. Through our upcoming January blogs, we will provide you easy and life-saving tips to make 2016 your safest year on the road.

safe driving in 2016

2015 Driving Statistics

The majority of car accidents this year was due to distractions. AT&T released a survey in May of 2015 that showed 70% of respondents admitting to using their phone while driving. Whether it was texting, checking social media or simply calling someone, phone distractions increase your risk of crashing by eight times! There was also an 8% increase in the number of vehicle fatalities in the first part of 2015 than in 2014. More than a quarter of all accidents this year were due to texting or calling, which proves that even hands-free calling can be a major distraction when you’re driving. The bottom line: be alert and aware of your surroundings while taking on the role of a driver.

Why Become a Safer Driver?

From the paragraph above, you can tell that one of the main reasons to become a safe driver is for the protection of your life, as well as the lives around you. Too many traffic accidents happen a year that could have been easily avoid, but if people start paying more attention to the road ahead, we can decrease the amount of deaths that happen on the road. Another reason to stay safe is for your car. Your vehicle is a major asset to your life and not a cheap one. Keeping your car safe can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars if you are a careful driver.

Upcoming Blog Topics

This month on our AutoWarranty.com blog, we will be exploring a few topics to keep your car and mind sharp all year long. We will be providing tips on how to keep your car looking as good as the day you bought it, how to become an even better driver in 2016, and provide some other resolutions relating to your car. All of the things we recommend will not only improve your driving experience, but keep you and others around you safe. Stay tuned next week for the first of our blog series on how to make 2016 a great and safe year!

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