It’s Not Me, It’s You: The Car Break Up

Everyone has to go through a break up at one point in life; a car break up that is. Vehicles get worn down after years of extensive use, so selling and getting an up-to-date vehicle is inevitably going to happen. Along with safety concerns and countless repairs, aged vehicles don’t have the advanced technology that’s helping people be more cautious and efficient drivers. It’s important to recognize when it’s time to sell and what the benefits are of selling to make the process as painless as possible.

Breaking Up with Your Car

How to Know it’s Time

Any sort of continuous abnormality with your car should be checked up on. Whether it’s unusual noises, strange smells or smoke, it’s always best to be safe and take your car into a repair facility. If the fix is simple and quick, then your car is in good enough condition to keep for a while longer. However, if it can’t be fixed without extensive repair costs it may be time to look into new options. According to a survey by IHS Automotive, car owners keep their cars for an average of 78 months, or about 6.5 years. If you’ve hit this mark and your car needs endless repairs on various parts, it may be time to consider selling.

When to Sell

People are more likely to buy vehicles in the spring when the weather is about to be nicer and traveling season is right around the corner. Convertibles are an example of cars that sell out of dealerships quickly during this time. However, if you’re selling an SUV or a bigger car, you may want to consider selling in the fall. As winter approaches and temperatures drop, people look for cars that will keep them safe and warm. Consider the car you’re trying to sell or get rid of, and sell at the appropriate time of the year so you can optimize the profit you get out of it.

Benefits of Selling

Selling a vehicle due to improper functionality or old age allows you to have the opportunity to buy a new and improved vehicle of your choice. Nowadays, most all cars come with backup cameras and Electronic Stability Control, both of which are features that increase safety and help save thousands of lives each year. Along with getting a safer vehicle, you can get that shiny new sports car you’ve seen ads about or the functional SUV your family would love. Don’t let the memories of your old car keep you attached- when you sell you’ll have the opportunity to make new ones with a more suitable and safer car that fits your lifestyle.

How to Increase the Resale Value

To prolong the life of your car, you have to keep up with maintenance starting day one. Go in for routine maintenance, pay attention to changes in your car’s functions, and be generally aware of everything going on with your car. This will help increase the use and value you get out of your car. To increase the selling value, consider getting extended warranty coverage. Cars that have a warranty attached to it sell at a higher percentage than those that don’t. Get a free quote at Warranty Direct today and start your journey of buying a new car.

Getting rid of a car can be hard. The countless memories and experiences you have in your car are a part of your life, so it can be difficult to say goodbye. Make the decision to sell when it’s logical. Listen to your head, not your heart. Know the signs of a failing car, understand when the right time is to sell and make sure to utilize the benefits new cars can offer. Breaking up with an old car can be rewarding and beneficial to you in the long run, you just have to be strong enough to cut ties.

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