How will my car perform in a crash as it gets older?

When we shop for our new auto, one of the most important factors we consider when making a buying decision is how safe the auto is we’re considering. So after we find that perfect auto with a fantastic safety rating we drive it off the auto dealerships lot with confidence knowing that if we are involved in an accident with our brand new auto we should be safe. But what happens when our brand new auto isn’t new anymore? How will it perform in a crash or help us avoid a crash when it’s 3 years old and has 30,000 miles on it? Will it still perform in the future like it’s designed to today?


Your auto’s structural design should allow it to perform tomorrow the way it’s designed to when it’s new providing it has not been in a collision that could compromise the structural integrity of the auto. But what about the mechanical performance that we need to avoid a crash in the first place? Keeping up with your auto’s maintenance is very important because your auto is more likely to run at peak performance levels but your parts are still susceptible to break over time. An auto warranty will keep those parts performing the way your manufacturer designed them to and when they perform the way they should it increases our chances of avoiding an accident. And honestly isn’t that all we’re really trying to do anyhow? We can’t stop someone from pulling out in front of us or an animal that crosses the road we can’t avoid. What we can do is take all the necessary precautions available and decrease the chance we are involved in an accident to be sure our family is safe.

Having an auto warranty makes it easier when something breaks on your auto and it’s not in your budget. Often times we put a repair off until we have the money and it’s more convenient for us financially. When we do that though, we are putting ourselves at risk because now we’re driving a auto with a part we know needs to be replaced. What happens to your auto’s performance when someone pulls out in front of you or stops quickly, you make an evasive maneuver to avoid them and your auto doesn’t respond the way it should because that repair wasn’t done? Keeping your auto operating as close to the day it was brand new gives you the best chance to avoid and survive an accident. Having an auto warranty allows you to fix your auto when it needs to be fixed instead of when you can fix it, giving you the safest auto every time you’re behind the wheel.

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