Guide for your Fall Foliage Road Trip

Do you need an extended warranty? Yes! With a Warranty Direct extended warranty covering your vehicle, you can go on your Fall Foliage Road Trip with complete ease of mind. Regardless of what region of the country you live in, you can find the perfect fall road trip for you by visiting the US Forest Service’s Caring for the land and serving people website.

Warranty Direct is located in the Mid-Atlantic region, with the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway only a couple of hours away, so we know all about Fall Foliage Road Trips. Mt. Mitchell is the highest mountain in the Eastern US. Our perfect fall road trip would be US Route 276, South of Asheville, North Carolina, for a delightful leafy road trip through the waterfall area of Brevard. While in the Asheville area, there are many sights to see to satisfy all interests, including the Biltmore House and an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants in downtown Asheville, with many wonderful hotels and bed and breakfasts. Visit Asheville, NC’s Official Tourism Web Site for detailed information about things to do in Asheville and the surrounding areas.


All of Warranty Direct’s extended warranty plans come with Free Roadside Assistance, including towing, emergency tire service and more. Car Rental reimbursement is also available so even if the unthinkable happens and your vehicle breaks down, you can still continue your trip and not miss a leaf! So, do you need an extended warranty? Absolutely! Of course, we hope you never have to use our services, but if you do, you will be glad you have your vehicle covered by us. We may not be as old as the hills, but we do have over 30 years of servicing customers under our belt.

Road Trip tips:

To avoid the boredom and the inevitable “are we there yet?”, “he’s on my side”, “she’s breathing on me”….. entertain the kids with the classic road trip family games! Try “Twenty Questions”, in which one person thinks of a famous person, place or thing and the others in the car ask 20 questions that are only yes and no answers. The first to guess the topic wins! Another fun game is “License Plate Lingo”, in which the players have to make up a phrase with the letters of license plates that are spotted. You can always play the “License Plate Identification” game in which the winner finds the most different states or “Count the Cows”.

To keep the stops to a minimum, pack healthy snacks for the kids, like carrots, grapes and trail mix. For a high energy snack on the road, try spreading cream cheese on a whole grain tortilla and sprinkling it with your favorite dried fruit and nuts and then roll up.

And last but certainly not least, to help you find those “clean” public restrooms on your trip, check out Restrooms: Charmin’s Find Public Restrooms app.

So, with temperatures dropping and Fall in the air, enjoy the RIDE!

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