Follow your senses to avoid costly repairs

Warranty Direct extended warranties cover items which have failed because of wear and tear.  So, before you get to the point of turning your worn out,  inoperable car into a flower planter, use your senses to help prevent damage from worsening.  We want you to avoid the stress and inconvenience of your vehicle’s malfunction.

CarWith regular service appointments, as our extended auto warranty contracts require, you can head off problems before they arise.  However, if even after all the oil changes and service appointments, you suspect your auto is having “issues,” first, use your eyes!   You’ve heard  the saying “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” well, maybe not literally in the case of your vehicle, but if you see blue, white or black smoke, it can be an indication that something is not functioning properly.  Always visibly inspect your parking area for leaked fluids, as well.  If any are present, see your auto service technician.

Secondly, your sense of touch can also be used to understand issues happening within your vehicle.  Unusual vibrations felt in the steering wheel or the pedals can indicate things like unbalanced tires or brake issues or even your engine’s pistons.  Of course, remember that even though tires and brakes aren’t typically covered by extended warranty contracts, it is still important to keep them in good condition.

Thirdly, be especially aware of noises your auto makes.  Squealing noises can mean loose belts and any loud thumping or clanking can mean something far more serious, such as the rods or bearings malfunctioning.   You know your auto best, so at the first sound of anything unusual, have it checked by your service technician, to avoid further damage.

Finally, unusual smells can emanate from your auto which could indicate problems.  It is probably a good idea to first check for french fries under the seat, or your teenager’s gym shoes or even groceries fallen from their bag, but in the event that there is nothing “hiding” to cause the odor, you may want to check mechanical sources.   Oily or burning smells should always be investigated!

While you are not experiencing any mechanical problems with your auto is  the time to purchase an extended warranty from Warranty Direct to help defer those costs that are inevitable!

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