Facts About Warranty Direct

The Extended Warranty Company You Can Trust?

Our History?
In business over 30 years.
Over $1,000,000,000 in paid claims.
Best Better Business Bureau report in the industry.
The 21,000+ dealers who do business with us.
Over 2 million plans sold.

Our Coverages?
Shortest list of exclusions in the industry.
Wear-and-tear coverage available on all vehicles with up to 100,000 miles.
Emissions System coverage.
Airbag Electronics coverage.
No vague or restrictive contract clauses.
Contracts available online for your preview.
Use any dealer or repair facility of your choice.
Claims paid by our credit to dealer when repairs completed.
30 day money back guarantee. (provided no claims were filed)

Benefits of Buying Direct ?
Claims handled in-house, no 3rd parties.
No broker markups.
No 3rd party finance companies.
No outsourcing to unknown 3rd parties.
Same or better coverage than car dealers.
Documented financial stability.
Can tell you if your dealer has already worked with us.

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