Driving the Safe Way in Heavy Rain

car-in-rain_800March is a month full of unpredictable rain and storms, so knowing how to handle your vehicle in these weather conditions is a must. There are a few key tips to remember when driving in heavy rains, including slowing down, knowing what to do when you hydroplane, and avoiding puddles. Our goal at Warranty Direct is to equip you with the knowledge and coverage you need to stay as safe as possible throughout the year. Follow these tips and you’ll coast through this rainy season.

Slow Down
When you’re in the rain, the last thing you want to do is slow down your travel time. However, going 5 mph below the speed limit when it’s pouring can improve the safety of your vehicle and everyone around you. Roads are slippery and extremely dangerous when flooded with heavy rains. You could hydroplane, slip off the road or into another lane, or even crash. Take precaution and drive slowly to avoid damage to yourself or another person.

How to Handle Hydroplaning
Everybody is bound to experience hydroplaning at least a few times in his or her life. The first thing to remember is not to panic! You can easily control your car when it’s hydroplaning with just a few steps. Do not brake or accelerate your vehicle abruptly. Your tires will be at risk for spinning out if you make any sudden changes in the speed. Find an open space that your vehicle can head towards and steer in that direction. Slowly take your foot off of the accelerator and go safely towards the open space. If you do have to brake, do so in gentle pumps so your tires stay controllable.

Avoid Puddles
Avoiding puddles may seem like an odd tip, but it may save you from unexpected repair costs. When streets are hit with heavy rains, potholes are filled up with water and come across as harmless puddles. In reality, hitting a pothole can lead to a blown tire or scratched car. Puddles may also cover up debris that can puncture your tire and cause damage as well. Play it safe and don’t drive through puddles, avoid them if possible.

Always Keep Your Lights On
Your lights should be on if it’s raining, even if you are driving in the middle of the day. Increasing your visibility is vital for your protection against other cars that may not see you. Lights help signal other cars of your location and can ultimately decrease the risk of a crash into another vehicle or an oncoming object. No matter where or when you are in the car, your lights need to be on when your area is experiencing heavy rains.

Keep yourself and your family safe this rainy month by following our safety tips! You never know what sort of weather condition you’ll need to be prepared for. If you’re looking for even further protection against the unexpected, get extended warranty coverage with Warranty Direct. We can protect your vehicle form any damages that may happen during heavy rains. Get a free quote today and start your journey to safer driving!


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