Do-It-Yourself Scratch Repair

The harsh reality that comes with owning a car is that it won’t always be shiny, pristine and in perfect condition. Scratches undeniably occur over time and can cost a pretty penny to repair at a body shop. Luckily there are some easy treatments you can do to your car in the comfort of your garage to get your ride looking good as new.

DIY Scratch Repair

Before You Repair the Scratch

Dealing with various paints and chemicals can be dangerous, so it’s best to be as safe as possible when exposed to them. Be sure to wear a respirator when handling spray paint or airbrushes to protect yourself from the harmful fumes. Also, if paint happens to get on your skin, remove by applying paint thinner and then scrubbing thoroughly with soap and water. When painting the scratched area, make sure you’re not directly in the sun and it’s no colder than 60 degrees. A garage or shady area would give you the optimal touch-up result. Before you do paint your car, test it out in an inconspicuous area to make sure it matches to your standards. If you have your car’s factory paint code, you can buy an exact match touch-up paint from Automotive Touchup to make the match even more precise. Places you can find this code include the owner’s manual or by calling your dealership. If bare metal is exposed, you’ll need to prime the area with a primer pen before the paint pen can be used. To start over on a paint touch-up, use an automotive lacquer thinner to remove it and restart the process.

Use a Paint Pen

Painting over a scratched or chipped area with a paint pen is the easiest and most practical way to deal with the problem on your own. Their fine tips make it easy to apply to even the smallest scratches. To use the paint pen, clean the damaged area with soapy water, then use a wax and grease remover until it is rid of any oils, waxes or rust. Next, apply a coat of the paint pen, wait for it to dry and repeat two more times. Finalize the repair by using a clear coat to seal it in and polishing it for that desired shine. Use paint pens for areas that are thinner than the size of an eraser on a pencil, and note that for larger scratches spray cans of touch-up paint should be used instead. You can find paint pens online at Amazon or eBay and in stores with auto services such as Walmart.

Use a Kit

There are plenty of pre-made kits for consumers to choose from for scratch repairs. The Ultimate Car Scratch Remover Kit and Turtle Wax Scratch Remover Kit are two highly-rated kits that can help with your car repair needs. These kits typically come with scratch repair pens and polishing pads and sometimes have additional touch-up paint systems included. The process is the same as using a paint pen, but specialty instructions are likely to be listed. Kits such as these can also be found online, in hardware stores or at stores with auto facilities.

Fixing minor repairs yourself can give you a sense of accomplishment and resourcefulness. The process is simple, the tools you need are cheap and there’s no reason to spend a fortune at a shop for the repair. To protect your wallet and vehicle even further, consider getting an extended warranty from Warranty Direct. It will help cover your car if any damage happens that you won’t be able to perform an easy DIY on. Get a free quote today from Warranty Direct to help you ride the road with ease.

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