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It’s becoming a trend that people want to perform their own car maintenance check-ups in order to save money and become more knowledgeable about how their car operates. Don’t know how to perform any DIY maintenance tricks for your vehicle? Have no fear! Here are 3 of the best and easiest maintenance check-ups you can do on your own car.

Replacing an Air Filter
For this DIY project, no tools are required. All you need is to buy a new air filter, which is typically around $10 at your local auto parts store. This is a component of your car that you need to replace either every year or every 12,000 miles. First, find the filter under the hood of your car. You’re looking for a black box with metal clasps on the side. Open it up and check out the air filter inside. Make note of the position and where everything is, because the next step is to remove the old air filter and replace the new one in the exact same location. Finally, close the box and close the metal clasps. It’s easy to do, it’s cheap, it will only take 10 minutes, and it will save you a lifetime of making trips to the repair shop to pay for someone else to do it.

Replacing Windshield Wipers
You don’t need any tools to complete this simple DIY task, but you do need new windshield wipers. Just like air filters, windshield wipers can be found at any car parts shop and will only cost $10-$20. Replace these every 6 months to a year to ensure you will optimize your vision when driving in severe weather conditions. To begin this project, lift up the blades and remove the old ones. Pay attention to how they attach on, whether they slide off or uses a release button. Add the new blades on the metal arms, just how the old ones were attached, and make sure you don’t scratch the windshield during the process. This is a maintenance trick that most everyone will be able to perform, so don’t spend any more time getting someone else to do it for you!

Battery Maintenance
This is one DIY project you will need tools for. Gather up a wrench, corrosion-removal fluid, a wire brush, and some rags. Checking your battery will only take about 20 minutes and can save you money and time for the rest of your life. Pop your hood and find the battery. Carefully remove the negative cable first and then remove the battery terminals. Use the corrosion-removal fluid generously on the posts where there is residue, and then use the wire brush to scrape it off. Rinse the fluid with a little bit of water, dry the posts with rags, and replace the battery terminals. It’s easy to know when to do this simple trick because you will be able to tell if there is corrosion on your battery by looking at it.

These 3 tricks and so many more are available online for everyone to learn about and benefit from. You can save your wallet from hundreds of repair costs every year if you learn even a few DIY maintenance projects on your own. What’s something you can’t do on your own? Protect your car, peace of mind, and wallet from the unexpected. Warranty Direct can and will help when an unexpected breakdown or repair makes its way into your life. Get a free quote today and see how easy it is to have comprehensive coverage from a reliable and dedicated company. Start your journey to safer driving today!

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