Car Care and the Environment

CarAs Earth Day, April 22nd, approaches, it’s time we start thinking about what we can do to improve our environment. Its no secret that the environment we live in today is slowly deteriorating due to greenhouse gases and the poor way we treat our surroundings. In order to reduce the negative impact we have on the earth and make a positive impact for generations ahead, we need to make lifestyle changes in every aspect of our lives. One of the most beneficial ways to help the environment is through the use of your car. By learning what you can do to make the environment safer and cleaner through your vehicle, you can make a difference in the course of our planet in a wonderful way.

What is Fuel Economy?
Fuel Economy is the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. More specifically, it’s the relationship between how many miles you’ve driven and the amount of fuel your car has consumed. Having a fuel-efficient car can be beneficial to both you and the environment. It can save you up to thousands of dollars every year, depending on the vehicle, and help reduce your carbon footprint by not emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Your overall energy sustainability will be increased, and you can drive around knowing you’re helping preserve the environment with every mile.

Industry Recyclable Parts
You can also help our planet by recycling your car for its parts. In the United States alone, 12 million vehicles are recycled every year. Nearly 80% of a vehicle’s parts can be recycled, so consider taking it to a trusted wrecking yard or car spare parts supplier when you decide you don’t want your vehicle anymore. This is a great way to use your car for the greater good when it’s lifespan is over. 

Alternative Energies
There has been a lot of research recently on how to utilize alternative energies to fuel cars in order to save the environment. Fuels like biodiesel and ethanol fuel have both been recommended as good sources that reduce the consumption of gas. In order for an alternative energy to be efficient, it should be renewable, produced by cleaner and more efficient technologies, and needs to be used by more people across the world.

Educate yourself on environmentally friendly ways you can use your vehicle to better our earth. Through fuel economy, industry recyclable parts, and alternative energies, you can reduce your carbon footprint and set up a better future for generations to come! In order to protect your vehicle’s lifespan, get an extended warranty with Warranty Direct. We will ensure your vehicle is covered in every area so it can run as smoothly as possible for as long as possible. Get a free quote today and you’ll experience full comprehensive coverage for your vehicle!

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