Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

For those who tuned into the 50th Super Bowl on Sunday, you were definitely in for a treat! The Denver Broncos overtook the Carolina Panthers and claimed the title of Super Bowl 50 Champions. Did you happen to take note of the other champions? That’s right, the companies that stole the show with their witty, emotional and unforgettable commercials. There are always a few commercial spots that people talk about for months after they air during the coveted game coverage. We at Warranty Direct can’t wait to talk about our favorites from NFL, Heinz, Jeep, Doritos, T-Mobile and Honda.

NFL – “Super Bowl Babies Choir”

Data suggests that nine months after every Super Bowl victory, winning cities see an increase of births. These babies are called Super Bowl babies, and they sure know how to sing. From 1-year-old Seahawk infants to 49-year-old Green Bay adults, these choirs sang a Super Bowl-remix of Seal’s “Kissed from a Rose” (with the singer appearing in the ad, as well) and concluded with one simple message: Football is Family. We can’t wait to meet the newest Denver additions to the Super Bowl babies choir!

Heinz – “Wiener Stampede”

The components for a perfect ad are just as simple as ketchup, mustard and hot dogs. Heinz recognized this simplicity and created a spokesperson-free ad that caught viewers’ attention with a stampede of Dachshunds dressed in hot dog costumes toward their line of condiments. As if the ad wasn’t cute enough, Heinz even casted a toddler to dress like a mini ketchup packet! This Super Bowl 50 commercial is definitely among the most-loved ads of this year’s game.

Jeep – “Portraits”

While a majority of the commercials seen on Sunday were funny, some were very thought provoking and emotional, like Jeep’s “Portraits.” This year makes Jeep’s 75th anniversary, so the brand decided to take their audience through history with a look at past legends, heroes and ordinary people, along with the evolution of the different models of Jeep. The stars of the commercial were the people who drive Jeep, since they are the ones creating the story. It’s one of those commercials that make you stop and think about our country’s past and where we’re headed in the future. Jeep did a great job captivating the audience and making them believe they are a part of the brand and its legacy.

Doritos – “Doritos Dogs” and “Ultrasound”

This brand always gets a lot of laughs for their Super Bowl commercials, and this year was no different! Their annual commercial contest, Crash the Super Bowl, selected the best fan-made commercials and aired them. This year the winners were “Doritos Dogs” and “Ultrasound”. “Doritos Dogs” featured a mischievous trio of dogs vying for the Doritos they see inside a grocery store. It was clever and presented the Doritos brand well. The “Ultrasound” commercial was a standout, as well. When a couple is getting an ultrasound, it becomes known that the father’s love for Doritos was passed down to his child, and it resulted in belly laughs from the audience. Doritos makes it clear through their commercials that they know how to appeal to the masses and make their brand be known for more than their cheesy chips.

T-Mobile – “Restricted Bling” and “T-Mobile Drop the Balls”

Cellphone mogul T-Mobile decided to appeal to the pop culture of our country with their Super Bowl ads. Their first commercial featured rapper Drake and his music video for “Hot Line Bling,” arguably the most watched video of the year. T-Mobile positions themselves as the superior brand that won’t add on extra costs or only let you use certain devices through the commercial, and people will remember them for it. Their next commercial played off of the Miss Universe controversy in which host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. They used this opportunity to connect their brand to the audience in a funny and memorable way. T-Mobile was bold this year and received wonderful reception for their commercials because of it.


Honda – “A New Truck to Love”

We at Warranty Direct declare the best ad from Super Bowl 50 came from automaker Honda. Much like their Ridgeline truck’s outdoor speaker system (which was highlighted in the 60-second spot), this ad surprised us all with a choir of singing sheep singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love” and a farmer’s dog giving us details about it. This ad is cute, catchy and one of the most memorable Super Bowl ads we’ve seen in a long time. Bravo, Honda!

All of these brands did a spectacular job captivating their audience with content that appealed to their emotions and humor. Although Honda creates some of the most reliable vehicles on the market, there is always a daunting chance it could breakdown unexpectedly. If you’re looking to buy a Honda, Jeep or any new vehicle in the future, consider protecting it with an extended warranty with us. Get a free quote so you can begin your journey to vehicle protection today!

We want to hear from you! Which Super Bowl ads stood out to you?

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