Best Holiday Decorations for Your Car

The holiday season is one of the most festive times of the year, and many people will be decorating their vehicles to show their spirit. Cars may not be the most conventional vessel for decorations, but it recently has become more ordinary to see cars decked out in holiday-related adornments. There are some safety issues with certain embellishments for your car, but there are many creative and safe ways you can drive around with holiday joy, inside and out.

Best Holiday Decorations for Your Car


Perhaps one of the most popular car decorations is the nose and reindeer antler get-up. With a bright red nose attached to the grill of the car and antlers on the guardrails on the roof, your car will be an enjoyable sight for everyone you pass. If you’re not looking to characterize your car, consider putting a simple wreath on the grill. This is fun because you can make your own wreath or buy a premade one. You can also securely wrap garland around the rails on the roof with zip ties. If you’re not into putting larger decorations on your vehicle, then car magnets may be the best choice of adornment for you. Buy Christmas light, character and symbol magnets to spice up your ride without being overwhelmed with large decorations. However, as fun as this car project may be, you must take precautions for adorning your car this winter season. Stay away from putting actual strands of lights on your car, attaching large bows or accents that have the potential to reduce visibility, and using hanging décor. The best car decorations are minimal, safe and show your holiday spirit in a creative way!


Internal car decorations aren’t as common as external ones, but they are a fun way your passengers can enjoy the holiday-season spirit. One idea is to put small ornaments to hang on your mirror. Whether it’s your favorite homemade ornament or a beautiful, store-bought one, it will serve as a constant reminder that the jolliest time of the year is upon us. To ensure your safety, don’t hang large ornaments that could potentially reduce your road vision. Like the exterior of a car, avoid hanging lights on the inside. It can be destructive to your vision and is a fire hazard. Instead, think of hanging small stockings on the back of the driver and passenger seats for your kids to enjoy.

Spread holiday cheer this season by adorning your car with festive decorations! The main thing is to have fun with it and decorate wisely and safely.

Do you have any decorations you use on your car during the holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

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