Become an Eco-Friendly Driver Without Changing Vehicles

Since Earth Day is on April 22, we at Warranty Direct are hoping you will take some time this Monday to show our planet some appreciation by going green. When you go green and implement eco-friendly lifestyle changes, you’re actually helping more than the Earth. The impact of going green, or green living, will lead to a healthier lifestyle, save you money and leave a more-promising future for the next generation. One major benefit to green living is the major contributions toward clean air, which has been a major problem for many countries. Did you know that vehicles collectively cause almost one-fifth of all U.S. emissions, producing 24 pounds of carbon dioxide and other gases for every gallon of gas? Even if you own a car that’s not electric or eco-friendly, you can still practice your green living efforts during your daily drives. Follow the simple tips below to become an eco-friendly driver without changing your vehicle.


Lighten the Load

Don’t treat your car like a storage unit. If you’re a part of a busy family that frequently travels or just don’t have enough personal closet space, you probably look to your trunk or back seat to hold your stuff. Unfortunately, that extra weight rolling around in your car requires more effort from your car, which means more fuel. Keep any emergency items in and take out that camping gear from last year’s camping trip, the kids’ sports equipment and other non-emergency items.

Find a Green Mechanic

Give your auto business to people who care about protecting the Earth. It may take some research, but there are mechanics that recycle motor oil, batteries and tires, as well as dispose of parts and fluid correctly. You can also do vehicle maintenance yourself to save money. With the help of the EPA, you can find more information about eco-friendly car waste disposal.

Use a Reusable Air Filter

Tissues, kitty litter and toilet paper are better off being disposable, but considering your vehicle’s air filter and packaging are both discarded, a reusable filter is a good way to reduce waste. Along with saving you money in the long run, these kinds of air filters will increase your vehicle’s power, improve its fuel economy and prolong the engine life.

Going Green at the Pump

Even if your vehicle is still using gasoline, you can still take green living into consideration when you’re filling up. Always refrain from topping off your tank. If you were to spill, it would produce toxic fumes and even make its way into ground water. You can easily reduce evaporative emissions by making sure your vehicle’s gas cap is on tight and in good working order. When it’s hot outside, try to visit the pump in either the morning or evening (when it’s cooler) so the gas doesn’t expand and evaporate.

How Does a Green Driver Drive?

What does a “green driver” look like? Regardless if he or she is wearing clothes made of organic cotton, what’s more important is how they handle themselves on the road. A green driver is not an aggressive driver and refrains from speeding, slamming on the brakes or any jerky/rapid movement. They rarely put their car on idle to waste energy, and when they get hungry on the road they skip the drive-thru and stretch their legs inside. Finally, green drivers take advantage of cruise control, keep their tires properly inflated and combine short trips into one trip to improve engine efficiency.

Although hybrid vehicles and electric cars instantly get the “green stamp of approval,” your vehicle and driving habits can be just as effective in helping the Earth. This Earth Day, treat your vehicle and our planet to some green love and start practicing green living during your daily commutes.

Can you think of any other green-living practices to use during your daily driving?

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