Auto Warranty Comparison Tools Available Online

Warranty Direct’s Auto Warranty comparison tool (available on the web since 1995) is online and ready to show you price quotes from different plans using the Warranty Direct online quoting system. This tool generates an auto warranty online quote link that will be sent to you via email so you can compare prices and plans.

Auto Warranty

Auto Warranty Repairs Made Simple

Comparing prices for your extended auto warranty is one of the time consuming events that some consumers go through when trying to find the most affordable policies. Warranty Direct has been helping consumers to simplify their auto warranty research by giving access to its auto warranty comparison quotes system and contracts online at

Some other companies claim to be providing online warranty repair protection policy quotes but are mainly after your personal information and won’t give you a quote online. These third party brokers offer warranties from various companies and are not responsible for paying your claims. As an administrator in business for over 30 years, Warranty Direct offers complete coverage after the sale – claims paid directly to your repair shop, rental car coverage and more.

Warranty Direct’s comparison system is very easy to use and gives vehicle owners multiple plans with different mileage, deductible and terms to fit the needs of their driving habits and will also fit their budget.

Warranty Direct’s auto warranty plans offer several different packages that an auto owner can review during the quotation process for coverage. Warranty Direct covers used vehicles up to 150,000 miles and also offers complete “bumper to bumper” style auto warranty coverage for new and used vehicles as well as powertrain coverage.

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