About Us

Largest and Oldest

Warranty Direct is the leading provider of direct-to-consumer automobile extended warranties in North America . Our expertise in auto warranties is unmatched with nearly 30 years of experience, over 2 million auto extended warranty contracts sold and over $1,000,000,000.00 in paid claims. Warranty Direct is the direct-to-consumer division of one of the oldest and largest independent automobile extended warranty providers in the US . In addition to offering our auto warranties direct to consumers, over 2,200 manufacturer’s, dealers, banks and credit unions choose to sell our coverage. Why pay the dealer’s markup when you can buy similar auto extended warranty coverage direct from the source?

Why Buy Direct

We are not a broker. We are the administrator of the automobile extended warranty, that’s the company responsible for paying your claims. We are responsible to you before and after you purchase your auto extended warranty. Brokers are like the car dealers, they are middlemen who add additional markup to your cost. Because of this added markup, they tend to offer lower levels of coverage (named component coverages only) and do not cover wear-and-tear failures, your vehicle’s Emissions System and a host of other items you would expect like shop supplies and fluid removal fees.

Brokers also do not finance your auto warranties; they use third party companies that can affect your credit ratings. Should you choose to finance your contract, Warranty Direct will handle it without any third party involvement or credit check. Furthermore, we will authorize and pay claims even if you are still paying off your auto extended warranty, provided your payments are current.

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