5 Last-Minute Trips to Take Before Summer Ends

Whether it’s back to work, grade school or college, the desire for one last summer vacation inevitably gets stronger as fall approaches. There are only a few more weeks to travel at your leisure, so why wait any longer? Traveling to a local area for a day or two is a simple way to explore somewhere new without spending a lot of money. Here are ideas for last-minute trips you can take that are close to home and will end your summer with a bang.

last-minute trips before summer ends

Spend the Day at a Fair or Amusement Park

If you’re looking for a quick, one-day trip with family or friends, try going to a fair or amusement park. With opportunities to win an over-sized teddy bear and eat classic fair food throughout the whole day, what’s not to love? If there isn’t a fair nearby, an amusement park will provide the same experience. The electrifying roller coasters and vibrant atmosphere will make for an exciting day-long getaway that you and the family won’t forget.

Go Camping

Camping is a relaxing way to get back to nature and appreciate the beautiful surroundings you don’t see every day. There are hiking trails, swimming holes and countless sights to see at a campsite, and the day can end with some s’mores and stories around a fire. This traditional vacation is a great way to get in a relaxing mindset before the commotion of life begins again. To really experience nature at its finest, leave all phones and electronics in the car. Sometimes, all you need to re-energize is time spent with the people you love instead of your phone.

Relax at the Beach or Lake

Everyone loves having the breeze in their hair and sand between their toes, so consider making your last-minute retreat of the summer an amazing beach trip! If you’re near the coast, pack up your family and friends and head to the beach for the day. Take a picnic basket, plenty of games and anything else to enjoy the sunshine. If a beach isn’t close, going to a nearby lake will still give you the feeling of a beachy vacation. As long as the water and sun are involved, it’s bound to be a fun day.

Travel to a City Nearby

This summer, try to expand your geographical knowledge and check out a new city in your area. This affordable vacation will bring new experiences in a new part of your home state. Each state has countless cities to explore, and with every city being one-of-a-kind, the possibilities of adventure are endless. Whatever city you decide to travel to, keep an open mind and an enthusiastic spirit to guarantee yourself a good time.

Make a Splash in the Water

Just because it’s the end of the summer doesn’t mean the heat is going away anytime soon. There are plenty of fun activities to do in the water that will give you lasting memories and cool you down at the same time. If you’re near a river, look into tubing, kayaking or even white water rafting. If you’re near a lake or ocean, consider renting a jet ski or boat so you can embrace your nautical side for the day.

Wherever you end up going for your last summer adventure, travel there with the most comprehensive coverage for your vehicle. Warranty Direct will protect your car’s financial well-being so you can focus on having a fun-filled trip instead of worrying about what would happen if an unexpected breakdown were to occur. You deserve one last vacation before it’s back to reality, so get a free quote today to make sure you are covered and ready to take on the road.

We want to hear from you! Do you have any fun trip ideas for the end of summer?

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