4 Key Questions to Ask Before Purchasing an Extended Warranty

Modern-made vehicles are becoming more complex and advanced with their features and technology, and the same concept applies for what’s under the hood. With this progressive trend, now more than ever, it’s crucial to look into extended coverage options to protect your vehicle and wallet from the unexpected. To help kick start your research, below are four in-depth questions to ask yourself before purchasing an extended warranty.


  1. Do you plan on keeping your vehicle for a long time?

Are you the type of person who plans to drive your vehicle until it looks like it belongs in a museum? If so, it would be wise to look into extended coverage options. After all, you have a greater chance of an unexpected breakdown or other problems after the factory warranty expires.

  1. What does the maintenance history look like for your vehicle’s make and model?

This is a very key question to ask yourself, so take some time to conduct detailed research on your vehicle’s maintenance track record. This will give you valuable insight on the chances for your vehicle to experience an unexpected mechanical breakdown. If your vehicle happens to have a history of expensive parts breaking down, it’s essential to prepare yourself for the unexpected with the appropriate coverage.Keep in mind, you’ll never have an identical repair history on any two vehicles, but if you own another vehicle from the same maker this research will give you a general awareness of what to expect. Also note, if you are not the original owner of the vehicle, you may not know the vehicle’s history. Research shows that vehicles with more than one owner are twice as likely to breakdown.

  1. During the next 3-5 years, how much do you think you will spend on vehicle repair/maintenance without coverage?

Think of your vehicle’s personal maintenance history and estimate how much you’ll spend in the next three to five years. If that price range is between $3,600-6,000, you know your vehicle and the car repair industry very well. If this estimate seems somewhat frightening or higher than you imagined, just think what it will be in a few years. As stated before, vehicles are becoming more complex with its features and technology, which will make this estimation increase substantially.

  1. Do you believe you will have peace of mind if you don’t have an extended warranty?  

The answer to this question is solely based on your personality and intuition. If you naturally have anxiety when you’re on the road or while your loved ones are behind the wheel, save yourself the stress and get an extended warranty. You shouldn’t have to go through life worried about paying money out-of-pocket for major vehicle repairs, and sometimes you can’t put a price on your overall well-being and safety.

Regardless of what vehicle you drive or what kind of coverage works for you, anyone can benefit by having an extended warranty on their vehicle. No one can predict the future, and it truly pays to be prepared when an unexpected breakdown occurs. To learn more about extended warranties or how you can better protect your vehicle from the unexpected, contact Warranty Direct today or call 877-867-3565.

Can you think of any other important questions to ask about your vehicle’s coverage? Is there a particular question you wish you would have asked before purchasing coverage?

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