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Do-It-Yourself Scratch Repair

DIY Scratch Repair

The harsh reality that comes with owning a car is that it won’t always be shiny, pristine and in perfect condition. Scratches undeniably occur over time and can cost a pretty penny to repair at a body shop. Luckily there are

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Having a Car at College: Is It Worth It?

having a car at college

As the summer comes to a close and a new school year begins, many nervous teenagers will begin a new chapter in their life and head to college. They will experience independence, academic challenges and a major lifestyle change over the

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5 Last-Minute Trips to Take Before Summer Ends

last-minute trips before summer ends

Whether it’s back to work, grade school or college, the desire for one last summer vacation inevitably gets stronger as fall approaches. There are only a few more weeks to travel at your leisure, so why wait any longer? Traveling

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4 Must-Dos on Your Car Before School Starts

must-dos on your car before school starts

The chaos of getting ready for back-to-school season can be overwhelming. From PTA meetings and band practice to soccer games and recitals, your life will be on-the-go until May. Before school is back in session, don’t forget to tend to

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