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Pros And Cons Of Trading In Your Vehicle

There will come a time when your current vehicle no longer meets your needs. You may need a larger car for a growing family or it just doesn’t run properly anymore. When that day comes, you need to decide if

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Is it Better to Buy a New or Used Car?

A car purchase is a major decision for many people, and a big part of the decision is figuring out whether to buy a new or used car. Recently, used car prices have increased dramatically, encouraging many people to look

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End of Model Year New Car Buying Tips

The end of the model year for dealers usually occurs at the beginning of the fourth quarter of the calendar year. What that means for consumers is that just before the end of the year, right around November and December,

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Car Repair Guide

The Warranty Direct “Car Repair Guide” will help you determine what kind of recently new or used car you should buy based on average repair costs and major component reliability. Check out the cars that you are interested in and

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Planning a July 4 Road Trip? Here Are 10 Do’s and Don’ts About Car Care for Safer Summer Travel

The week including July 4 is a popular time for vacations. Having the holiday smack in the middle of the week this year may encourage you and your family to take the whole week off, or maybe half, for a

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