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PremierCare Now Available For Your Car Repair Auto Warranty Needs

Car Repair Care

PremierCare is an extensive component coverage that covers the “big ticket” items on your vehicle. These are the parts most likely to fail. PremierCare coverage provides a long list of items that are covered for 12 major systems of your

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Get An Auto Warranty & Drive Care Free On Your Summer Vacation!

Summer is an ideal time for personal and family vacations and road trips. However all that heat, and sometimes sand and dirt, can take a toll on your vehicle – which needs a little extra care to protect your investment.

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Rental Car Reimbursement

Auto Warranty Rental Car Reimbursement

At Warranty Direct, we believe that every customer deserves the absolute best and most complete coverage available. You never know what exactly might go wrong with a vehicle, and it always pays to be prepared for any situation. For that

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