luxurycareThe most auto warranty coverage available in the market. It covers nearly every part of your vehicle, including high-tech systems, luxury options, and other repairs that are not typically covered by car warranties. Learn more about LuxuryCare+


SecureCareJust like your original factory auto warranty, SecureCare+ coverage offer you protection from expensive major repairs and inconvenient small repairs. All major systems except for high-tech electronics are covered under this plan. Learn more about SecureCare+


XtraCare The most comprehensive auto warranty available for vehicles more than 4 years old or with more than 50,000 miles. Nearly every vehicle system and component is given coverage under this plan. Learn more about XtraCare+


MajorCareIdeal for vehicles no longer covered by a manufacturer auto warranty, or for owners who only need protection against expensive “big ticket” repairs, PremierCare+ is an excellent choice for your car's unexpected auto repair needs. Learn more about PremierCare+

Powershield Enhanced

powershield enhancedMore than just a powertrain auto warranty, it offers our premium component for repairs on your vehicle, including seals and gaskets, air conditioning, cooling system, fuel system & electronics. Learn more about Powershield Enhanced

Free Features with Every Plan

warranty directNo matter which one of our extended car warranty plans you choose, you automatically receive a number of free features designed to add maximum value to your Warranty Direct vehicle service contract. Learn more about our free benefits.