luxurycareThe most auto warranty coverage available in the market. It covers nearly every part of your vehicle, including high-tech systems, luxury options, and other repairs that are not typically covered by car warranties. Learn more about LuxuryCare+


SecureCareJust like your original factory auto warranty, SecureCare+ coverage offer you protection from expensive major repairs and inconvenient small repairs. All major systems except for high-tech electronics are covered under this plan. Learn more about SecureCare+


XtraCare The most comprehensive auto warranty available for vehicles more than 4 years old or with more than 50,000 miles. Nearly every vehicle system and component is given coverage under this plan. Learn more about XtraCare+


MajorCareIdeal for vehicles no longer covered by a manufacturer auto warranty, or for owners who only need protection against expensive “big ticket” repairs, MajorCare is an excellent choice for your car's unexpected auto repair needs. Learn more about MajorCare+

Powershield Enhanced

powershield enhancedMore than just a powertrain auto warranty, it offers our premium component for repairs on your vehicle, including seals and gaskets, air conditioning, cooling system, fuel system & electronics. Learn more about Powershield Enhanced.


powershield enhancedThis powertrain auto warranty covers the engine, transmission, drive axle & more. This used auto coverage can save you thousands in auto repair costs over the life of the vehicle. Available up to 150,000 miles to start. Learn more about Powershield Enhanced.